Deserts of Iran

As a big fan of deserts I have spent all days of my holidays in Iran to see deserts. in this blog I'll try to inform you about my experiences in deserts of Iran. hope it's helping you to spend a better time in deserts.


Hospitality son of greed

for sure if you have traveled in Iran or going to travel in Iran you have heard a lot about Iranian hospitality and how nice are people. I am not going to repeat this repeated talk, instead I look at what we call hospitality to find the roots. why we are so friendly to our guests?


yazd or kashan that's the problem

You have to choose between these two cities to do your overnight stay in desert. In this article I try to compare these two desert to make this decision easier for you. First of all, let's have a look on the locating of each deserts. As you see in pictures Yazd's desert is more close to the city.

About Us

Letsgodesert Company is created to give you a suggestion that saves your time and money. Here we try our best to make a great desert trip for you and make your trip in Iran more sufficient.

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