As a big fan of deserts I have spent all days of my holidays in Iran to see deserts. in this blog I'll try to inform you about my experiences in deserts of Iran. hope it's helping you to spend a better time in deserts. Here is a brief information about each desert that I spent my time in: Kashan's maranjab & abuzeid abad desert: located in north east of kashan and the closest desert to tehran. Maranjab desert has the highest hills compare to other deserts of Iran. It’s a great place to stay overnight because you have the option to stay in a 400 years old caravansary in middle of sand dunes. Maranjab caravansary is more like a hostel with shared rooms and I can recommend staying in it. It's nice and clean enough and it has 4 person dorms. toilets are shared. they have 3 toilets for 10 rooms. there is no shower there and toilets are not as clean as your home, considered that you are in desert I can say they are clean. Its 1.30 hour to go to Maranjab desert from Kashan. to go there you have to hire a taxi or join a tour. A taxi to caravansary is about 40 dollars for whole car. Don’t join a tour for this desert, instead join a tour for abuzeid abad desert which is located in south east of kashan. Price we paid for going to abuzeid abad desert was around 50 euros for half day with an off road car.


Abuzeid abad

Yazd's bafgh desert: Yazd is surrounded by several deserts. in the east side you will have bafgh desert. in north side there is kharanagh desert. The road of kharanaq is awesome and you can see dome hills. Village of kharanaq is nearby and worth to see. It's easy to find camps in that desert. Price of the tour and taxi are the same with Kashan. To do a tour I will recommend you bafgh desert because its more out of the town. During my stay in both deserts I didn’t see much difference between kashan's desert and yazd's deserts. differences are that the deserts in yazd are more near to the city and salt lack is missing in Yazd. Yazd has more camps which means there are more people in this desert. if you go to desert to hear the voice of silence yazd won't be a good option.

Isfahan varzane desert: small village of varzane with its nice people, located in east of Isfahan. its around three years they started to do tourism activities in this areas. they really did a good job. Keep my question in your mind when you are walking in varzane (how much is the power of advertisement). everywhere you search for desert you face the varzane as an amazing destination for being in desert. I was so interested to see this desert but I was disappointed by seeing it. its desert compare to Yazd and Kashan doesn’t have much to say but people of village are active to attract travelers, this is what people of Yazd and specially Kashan don’t do. For going there, you should go from Isfahan to varzane village. There in hostels people offer you a desert trip and its 35 dollars.

Mesr desert: from what I read and heard this is the first desert that became active and attracted tourists. its located far away from all cities and there are great hostels in this desert (garmeh desert). in its villages your able to see many palm trees and heard of camels and small village houses. I didn’t stay overnight in middle of desert because they ask for 350 euros per person and compare to other cities its 5 times more and services are the same.

Kerman kaluts: this desert is something else and you can't compare it to other deserts in iran. just have a look into pictures below. There is not much to say, this desert is special in iran. Fortunately, I had enough time to go to kerman but I saw most of travelers are traveling for 2 weeks and I think it's not enough time to go to kerman. To go to kaluts you have to go to kerman city which is six hours by bus from yazd and then you need one and half hour more to go to shahdad and from shahdad its only thirty minute to kaluts you can easily find accommodation in that part of iran. For seeing the sunset we paid 40 dollars per person.

It was all deserts I went in three weeks and I hope It helps you to organize your trip better

Albert wismend

for sure if you have traveled in Iran or going to travel in Iran you have heard a lot about Iranian hospitality and how nice are people. I am not going to repeat this repeated talk, instead I look at what we call hospitality to find the roots. why we are so friendly to our guests? Iran has two big desert which occupied 50 percent of whole country. in deserts people are always in concern about future, they are never sure what would happen in next winter, is the amount of water enough or not. they know they need other people's support and they know they are not going to survive on their own, so this is the start of kindness with a root in the greed. Greed of the others help, others equipment and others support. They are kind because the want to receive something. Even though todays almost no one is doing hospitality to receive something but it's good to know the roots. It’s the same with Europeans tradition to do cheers. no one remembers why they start doing cheers and what is the root of it, they just celebrate the friendship with it. In current society of Iran there is two more reasons that I will consider as roots of being hospitable; Show off

Why when we don’t have anything we still pretend we are normal and we can afford to do a party for guests? Why do an Iranian prepare three different dish for his guest although in daily life he does eat a normal meal? Isn't it because we want to pretend we have more than what we really have? Don’t we want to impress the others about our wealth? Not enough self confidence

There is a huge difference between an afghan guest and a French guest. You can easily see how Iranians behave in front of Europeans as the nicest people on the earth. they consider Europeans as king and queens and when they are with them they consider them self as slaves who have to do everything for kings and make everything ready for him. I just want to compare all this behavior in front of a white guy with the behave they do in front of an Indian or an afghan guest, although both of nationalities are our guest so if they are hospitable they should treat all guests from everywhere the same. it never happens. Hospitality just happens when they compare themselves to others and then they think others are in a higher level. then they try to be more near kings and queens and they try to be sweet in front of them exactly like a cute dog. Reading a bit of nietzsche would help everybody a lot to see the roots of mentalities, mentality of lords mentality of slaves.

You have to choose between these two cities to do your overnight stay in desert. In this article I try to compare these two desert to make this decision easier for you. First of all, let's have a look on the locating of each deserts. As you see in pictures Yazd's desert is more close to the city. For seeing stars in a great way you should stay away as far as you can from city lights. Desert is a place without water. It can be every place without water but what we consider as a desert is mostly with sand dunes I just let you compare this both pictures below. Equipment are quite the same in kashan and yazd and people are nice everywhere so about the tour itself I will say both of deserts are with great guides best drivers and cool camel riders. So as a general look we will recommend you to do your desert trip in kashans desert. The other part is that desert of yad is between yazd and garneh or yazd and kerman (they do have two big desert) and its normally out of touristic route but desert of kashan is exctly between kashan and Isfahan or between kashan and airport so people go from desert to Isfahan if its first of their trip or they go to desert and then to airport at the end of trip.